Victoria Wharf Cardiff Website and Facebook Page

Victoria Wharf Cardiff Homepage © 2011 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

A community website for the residents at Victoria Wharf Cardiff Bay. The website pulls in the profiles of people who have ‘liked’ the sister Facebook Page and tweets from the site’s Twitter feed.

Maintenance Matters a CADW website

Homepage © 2010 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

The maintenance matters website was commissioned by Cadw as a resource for people with old or listed buildings. The website contains information on managing all aspects of a historical building including useful links and tips. The primary feature of the website is … Continue reading

The Pirates Crystal flash game

The Pirates' Crystal - A scene from the harbour © 2010 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

The Pirates’ Crystal is an adventure game designed to develop logical thinking and reading skills. Built using Flash, Flex and Actionscript and deployed using Adobe Air the game is playable both online and on PC or Mac. The game is similar to … Continue reading

Pogos on the Farm flash game

Pogos on the Farm music making activity © 2010 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

Pogos on the Farm is an educational game for young children. The disk contains 6 engaging activities designed to develop skills across the curriculum. Pogos on the Farm has won the silver practical pre-school award. The Practical Pre-School Awards identify and reward … Continue reading

Word World Animals flash game

Painting activity © 2010 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

Word World Animals was designed to help very young children with literacy, numeracy and basic mouse control. The disk contains a number of activities designed to work in the classroom, on interactive white boards, and at home. The disk has been translated … Continue reading

3D pong using Papervision

Pong © 2010 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

Being interested in most things 3D and Flash, I was excited by the excellent Papervision library. This 3D pong game was the result of my early experiments with Papervision. The game was built using Actionscript 2, the Papervision library and … Continue reading

Flash augmented reality activity

Flash augmented reality activity © 2009 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

After seeing Seb Lee Delisle at Flash on the Beach in 2009 I decided to play with augmented reality and create a little application of my own. Click the screen below to begin, you’ll need to print out a tracking label to … Continue reading

Pac Man Animations

Pac man and Ghost © 2009 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

These animations where created using 3D Max and are some early tests I did on character animation.

3D Showreel

3D character built using Maya © 2009 rhysjevons. All rights reserved.

At university I completed a few modules on 3D modelling and animation. This video is a compilation of some university work and other work that I’ve done in my spare time. Technology Maya 3d Max The Unreal engine Photoshop for … Continue reading