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The Pirates Crystal flash game

The Pirates’ Crystal is an adventure game designed to develop logical thinking and reading skills. Built using Flash, Flex and Actionscript and deployed using Adobe Air the game is playable both online and on PC or Mac.

The Pirates' Crystal - A scene from the harbour

A scene from the harbour

The game is similar to Lucas Arts adventure games from the early 90’s. The user progresses the story by navigating the world, talking to characters and completing mini games.

The game is bi-lingual (Welsh/English) and was designed to be played on interactive white boards at school and on home computers.

The Pirates' Crystal - Ship navigation mini game

Ship navigation mini game

Project highlights:

  • Built using Flash, Flex, Actionscript and the Papervsion library.
  • Deployed using Adobe Air making it playable online, on disk and on both PC and Mac.
  • 7 mini games
  • Custom soundtrack
  • Comic style cutscenes

3D pong using Papervision

Being interested in most things 3D and Flash, I was excited by the excellent Papervision library. This 3D pong game was the result of my early experiments with Papervision.

The game was built using Actionscript 2, the Papervision library and Flash. Click the screen below to start the game.

Flash augmented reality activity

After seeing Seb Lee Delisle at Flash on the Beach in 2009 I decided to play with augmented reality and create a little application of my own.

Click the screen below to begin, you’ll need to print out a tracking label to use the activity.